Repetitive writing as punishment

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Apr 15,  · Writing lines reminds me of the years i attended school. You had to write lines for punishment. A tedious job which took a lot of time. I think in many cases life at school, especially life at school during the fifties of the previous century, had a great influence on how kinky fantasies of many people developed.

Oct 06,  · Ok, My school has a polocy against corporal punishment and what not. I read somewhere a couple years ago that a school banned writing lines as Status: Resolved. Sep 20,  · The primary concern with writing on skin with permanent ink is that permanent ink may contain xylene.

Xylene is a toxic substance, though toxicity is normally linked to inhalation. A mark or two of permanent ink on the skin because one is using a permanent pen is. Writing can be an invaluable method of communication and and self-expression, and using it as a punishment inspires children to resent developing a skill that.

Feb 06,  · MS - Writing Assignments for Discipline Substitute Teachers. The administrators at this one Middle School make it a practice to check up on the more difficult classes when a sub is there.

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