Sati regulation

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Sati (practice)

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Sati (practice)

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„ŽELIM BITI MAJSTOR“ – JOŠ JEDAN EU PROJEKT OBRTNIČKE KOMORE KOPRIVNIČKO-KRIŽEVAČKE ŽUPANIJE. Predsjednica Obrtničke komore Koprivničko-križevačke županije Irena Kovačić, ministar rada i mirovinskog sustava Marko Pavić i ravnatelj Hrvatskog zavoda za zapošljavanje Ante Lončar potpisali su Ugovor o dodjeli bespovratnih sredstava iz ESF za provedbu projekta koji.

Sati Regulation XVII A. D. of the Bengal Code 4 December LORD WILLIAM CAVENDISH BENTICK A regulation for declaring the practice of suttee, or of burning or burying alive the widows of Hindus, illegal, and punishable by the criminal courts. Sati Regulation XVII, A. D. of the Bengal Code: 4 December A regulation for declaring the practice of suttee, or of burning or burying alive the widows of.

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Yesterday after the debate of 11 years, The sati regulation Act which declared the practice of sati, or suttee, or of burning or burying alive the widows of Hindus, illegal and punishable by the criminal courts by Lord William Bentinck., governor general of all of British-ruled India.

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Sati regulation
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