Write a sentence like yoda dog

A cross dog began to topic.

Is talking like Yoda correct grammar?

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In application, the first set of this kind of imperatives are the same as in SEV. Antoinette held on like a dog on a day.

10 Writing Prompts—Written by Cats and a Dog

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3. The dog was served steak every day on a silk pillow. 4. The cat admitted dogs are better than cats. 5. The dog had a pedicure once a week at the beauty parlor.

6. The dog learned how to drive a car. 7. The dog spoke Japanese and worked for a Japanese bank. 8. The dog was a secret agent. 9.

Dog Biography Format

The dog was The Queen of England for a day. Sep 29,  · Best Answer: Yes! There are legitimate object-subject-verb languages in the world, and just because you change the order of the words around, like Yoda, doesn't mean your sentence loses its grammatical instituteforzentherapy.com: Resolved.

⇒ 8. Do not dangle participles in your writing. ⇒ 8.

Analysis of Yodish

Do not speak like Yoda. In the first example of this sentence, the participle is the word “dangled.” A participle acts as an adjective describing a noun or pronoun. We edited the sentence to make it clearer in example.

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Dog Sentence Examples

Learn More. If your child has a thing for those cute little (or big!) canines, this sentence-writing primer will be right up her alley! Inspire her to write a make-believe sentence /5(74).


Dog Biography Format

My name is [just put one sentence stating name and something positive, like “My name is Yoda, and I am the most adorable, smart, playful dog around!”]. Sep 09,  · Try writing a complex sentence. When writing a complex sentence, you need to combine one simple sentence with a dependent clause.

Make sure you use the dependent clause to clarify what is happening in the simple sentence%(98).

Write a sentence like yoda dog
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Dog Biography Format