Writing a south african accent vs australian

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IELTS Listening: English Accents

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South African or Kiwi or Aussie?

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How do you write a South African accent?

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Having nigh-zero knowledge of how to make dialogues in an Australian accent, I just opted to describe that he talks without any hints of an accent. However, after reading it a few times, I noticed that it would flow better overall if he talks with said accent.

As a South African, to me the aussie and kiwi accents basically sound the same, but the kiwi accent sounds a bit more british than the aussie accent, which actually sounds alot. Mar 30,  · So i'm writing a short story in my history class and it takes place in South Africa during the end years of apartheid.

The main character is South African and Status: Resolved. As a Kiwi, I find it very difficult to understand a South African accent, to the extend I would need to ask someone to repeat themselves multiple times.

However as much as we Kiwi's like to protest, there are many more noticeable similarities between our accent and the Australian. Roger Lass describes White South African English as a system of three sub-varieties spoken primarily by White South Africans, called "The Great Trichotomy" (a term first used to categorise Australian English varieties and subsequently applied to South African English).

Mar 30,  · So i'm writing a short story in my history class and it takes place in South Africa during the end years of apartheid.

The main character is South African and Status: Resolved.

Writing a south african accent vs australian
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